A Study on the Damageof Cellulose Fibres by Fungi

사상균에 의한 식물성 섬유의 손상도에 관한 연구

  • 함옥상 (계명대학교 이공대학 의생활과학과)
  • Published : 1979.01.01


The damaging effects of hemp and cotton by Aspergillus sp, and penicillum sp, which grow successfully on cotton were studied. The damages were measured after cultivated at $30^{\circ}C$ for 10 days the fabrics with Aspergillus sp,and Penicillum sp, respectically, in various conditions. The effects of cell-free extract produced from fungus were also investigated. The results of obtained could be summeried as follows : 1) Cultivation of fungi on fibre in malt extract agar was better than that in czapeck agar. 2) Tnsile strength of the fabrics was deteriortated most easily in czapeak agar at the rae of 49.8%. 3)Growth of fungi was promoted by starching the fibre but tensile strength was felled -off , however, by starching, propagation of fungi was superior on cotton to on hemp. 4) In case of hemp, propagation of fungi was inferior to in case of cotton but the tensile strength was deteriorated at the rate of 26-33%. 5) In case of starched hemp, the tensile strength was deteriorated Slowly in first 8 days, but after 8 days there was no particular change. There was no particular change of tensile strength by starching in cotton. 6) It seemed that a damage of fibre was accelerated because the fungus grow not only on the surface of fabrics but also the inner of those. 7) By treatment of cell-free produced form fungi, the tensile strength of hemp falled off at the rate of 50-65% in first 24 hours, since then the tensile strength was deteriorated slowly for 4 days, but after incubation for 4 days was not changed. But the tensile strength of cotton by cell-free extracts was not effected.