The Effects of Dietary Vegetable Oils on the Blood Cholesterol Level of Rabbit

집 토끼의 Blood Cholesterol Level에 미치는 몇가지 식물성(植物性) 식용유(食用油)의 영향

  • Published : 1980.03.30


The effect of dietary vegetable oils, sesame, perilla, soybean and rice bran oils, on the blood cholesterol level of rabbit was examined using isocaloric and isonitrogenous diets. The gain in body weight, liver weight, serum and liver cholesterol levels, globulin, blood sugar and acid phosphatase activity in relation to cholesterol level were studied. The results are summarized as follows : 1. The gain in body weight (g/day) of rabbit was 16.3 for control, 15.3 for A, 18.3 for 15.3 for A, 18.3 for B, 15.3 for C and 18.1 for D groups. 2. Liver weight of the control A, B, C and D groups were 30.35, 37.25, 38.25, 31.05 and 39.54, respectively. 3. Serum cholesterol levels (mg/100 ml serum) of the control, A, B, C, and D groups were 71.5, 112.0, 110, 93 and 96 respectively. 4. Liver cholesterol levels (mg/100 ml liver fat) of the control, A, B, C and D groups were 255, 292, 255, 317 and 195 respectively. 5. The contents of alpha-1-globulin for control was 0.60 %, for C, 0.35 % and for D groups, 0.32% of total globulin. The content of alpha-2-globulin for control was 0.68 % of total globulin and for D, 0.26 % of total globulin. 6. The contents of blood glucose (mg/100 ml) of the control, A, B, C and D groups were 40.34, 22.37, 77.0, 28.6 and 34.1 respectively. 7. Acid phosphatase of the control, A, B, C, and D groups were 3.95, 4.52, 3.98, 4.55 and 4.53 nM/hr/l serum respectively. 8. According to the regression and correlation in coefficient in blood components of rabbit, there were positive correlations between serum cholesterol and alpha-1-globulin, and between liver cholesterol and gamma-globulin.