Nutritional Quality and Food-Making Performance of Some Triticale Lines Grown in Korea

한국산 Triticale 의 식품 이용에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1980.03.30


Three winter wheats and 3 triticales grown in Korea were compared for nutritional quality and food-making performance. The flour yield of triticale was 54 % below that of wheat, while triticale was higher in protein than wheat. The amino acid composition of triticale flours was similar to that of wheat flours. The essensial amino acid compositions were slightly higher in triticale flours. Noodles of acceptable quality were produced from triticale flours. The bread produced from triticale flours was somewhat inferior to that from soft wheat flours. The triticale flours produced bread of slightly lower quality than the soft wheat flours. The specific loaf volume were lower, the grain more rough, the texture slightly harsher and the crumb color slightly darker.