Physicochemical Changes of Pork During its Frozen Storage

동결(凍結) 돈육(豚肉) 저장(貯藏) 중(中)의 변화(變化)

  • Published : 1980.03.30


In order to establish the frozen storage method of pork and contribute to the stabilization of pork price physicochemical changes and sensory evaluation of pork, stored at $-20^{\circ}C$ up to the period of 12 months, were analyzed every three months. The drip loss of frozen meat cuts was below 1% regardless of storage months. In the course of storage, pH of frozen half carcass rose a little, while that of meat cuts remained almost the same. WHC(water holding capacity) of frozen half carcass and meat cuts was in the range of $50{\sim}60\;and\;55{\sim}62%,$ respectively and VBN (volatile basic nitrogen) was about $11{\sim}18mg%,$ all of which did considerably change during the storage. TBA(thiobarbituric acid) value was not increased up to the 6th month of storage, but represented a considerable increase after the 9th month of storage, Both tenderness and juiciness of frozen pork were decreased after the 12th month of storage but the axxrptability of frozen pork to the consumers turned out fairly good.