A Comparative Study on the Compositions of Fatty Acids and Sterols of Hirneola auricula-Judae and Gyrophora esculenta

한국산(韓國産) 목이(木耳)와 석의(石衣)의 지방산(脂肪酸) 및 스테롤 성분(成分) 조성(組成)에 관(關)한 비교(比較) 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1980.03.30


Compositions of fatty acid and sterol of Hirneola auricula-Judge and Gyrophora esculenta produced is Korea were analyzed by gas liquid chromatographic(GLC) and infra red(IR) spectro-photometric techniques. As results, H. auricula showed linoleic acid 33.73, palmitic acid 15.52, stearic acid 5.03, oleic acid 16.03, linolenic acid 17.80, and unknown acid 11.89 % respectively, in their composition, while G. esculenta linoleic acid 46.35, palmitic acid 31.71, oleic acid 16.82, unknown acid 5.12 %, and trace of stearic and linolenic acids, respectively. Sterols were separated by thin layer chromatographic technique from both samples and identified by IR analysis. Two sterols, sitosterol and ergosterol, were present in both samples.