Sensitivity of Bordetella bronchise ptica Isolated from Pigs Affected by Infectious Atrophic Rhinitis to Chemotherapeutic Agents

전염성위축성비염돈(傳染性萎縮性鼻炎豚)으로부터 분리(分離)한 Bordetella bronchiseptica의 화학요법제(化學療法劑)에 대(對)한 감수성시험(感受性試驗)

  • Published : 1980.10.25


A total of 98 strains of Bordetella bronckiseptica isolated from pigs affected the infectious atrophic rhinitis(AR) during 1978 were surveyed for drug sensitivity to 26 chemotherapeutic agents, and minimum inhibitory concentration(MIC), incidence rate of resistant strain and resistant patern from the strains which were obtained from the different pig farm in Jeonnam province were examined. The results obtained are summarized as follows. 1. Most of the strains tested were resistant to Ampicillin (AB, PC), spiramycin(SPO, sulfa drugs (SD) (MIC:$400.0{{\mu}g/ml}$) and streptomycin(SM) (MIC:$200.0{{\mu}g/ml}$). Of the 75.0% of strains were also resistant to penicillin(PC) (MIC:$200.0{{\mu}g/ml}$) and of the 14.3 of strains were inhibited to grow to tetracycline(TC), chlortetracycline(CTC), oxytetracyc-line(OTC), erythromycin(EM), tylosin(TS), leucomycin (LM) and chloramphenicol (CP) (MIC:$6.25{{\mu}g/ml}$). On the other hand, most of the strains tested were inhibited to grow to kanamycin(KM), gentamycin(GM) neomycin(NM) (MIC:$25.0{{\mu}g/ml}$) and to colistin(CL) (MIC:$12.5{{\mu}g/ml}$). 2. Incidence rate of resistant strains to main chemotherapeutic agents was 100.0% of sulfa drugs, 96.4% of streptomycin, 85.7% of penicillin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol and erythromycin, 46.4% of gentamycin, 17.9% of colistin and 0.0% of kanamycin and nalidixic acid.