Studies on Normal Synovial Fluid from Tibiotarsar Joints of Korean Native Cattle II. Synovial Protein Values

한우(韓牛)의 관절활액(關節滑液)에 관한 연구(硏究) 2. 활액단백성상(滑液蛋白性狀)

  • Han, Hong Ryul (College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University)
  • 한홍률 (서울대학교 수의과대학)
  • Published : 1980.10.25


The mean values of total protein, albumin, globulins and A/G ratio of synovial fluid from the normal tibiotarsal joints of 55 healthy Korean native cattle were investigated. The results obtained were summarized as followings. 1. The mean values of synovial total protein for the entire group were $0.98{\pm}0.05g/dl$, with a range of 0.43 to 1.83g/dl for individual samples, and $1.00{\pm}0.07g/dl$ in slaughtering cattle and $0.92{\pm}0.06g/dl$ in living group, respectively. Compared with serum, synovial fluid contained far less total protein(p<0.01). 2. The mean values for the group were; albumin, $0.42{\pm}0.02g/dl$, globulins, $0.56{\pm}0.04g/dl$, and A/G ratio, $0.99{\pm}0.10$, with a range of 0.17-0.82g/dl, 0.03-1.32g/dl, and 0.15-3.15 for individual sample, respectively. 3. No statistical significant differences in the mean values of total protein, albumin, globulins, and A/G ratio have been observed between the synovial fluids of slaughtering and living animals. 4. Significant correlations existed between the globulin levels of synovial fluid and serum(r=0.3939), but the other values were not established.