Lipoxygenase and Off-flavor Development in Some Frozen Foods

일부냉동식품에서의 Lipoxygenase와 이취발생관계

  • 이영춘 (동서식품주식회사 개발실)
  • Published : 1981.03.30


Several tests were conducted to study lipoxygenase activity and off-flavor developement in frozen sweet corn. Fresh corn contained about 60% of total lipoxygenase activity in the germ section. When non-blanched frozen sweet corn was stored at $-10^{\circ}F$, it developed off-flavor and most significant changes in the flavor profile of off-flavored sweet corn was $4{\sim}5$ times higher hexanal peaks. The high hexanal peaks observed in the sterilized sweet corn with added lipoxygenase, alone and in combination with other enzymes, suggested the fact that high hexanal peaks in off-flavored sweet corn could be due to an oxidative reaction of lionleic acid (and other unsaturated fatty acids) catalyzed by lipoxygenase. Based on lipoxygenase activity and linoleic acid content in sweet corn, this reaction occur most heavily in the germ section of sweet corn. There was a significant relationship between flavor score of frozen stored corn-on-the-cob and hexanal peak in the germ section of corn-on-the-cob. This result indicated that hexanal peak could be used as an objective index of off-flavor development in frozen sweet corn.