Oxidation Reaction of $C_3H_6$ on Zinc Oxide

산화아연에서의 $C_3H_6$의 산화반응

  • Hak Ze Chon (Department of Chemistry, Korea Advanced Institute of Science) ;
  • Chong Soo Han (Department of Chemistry, Korea Advanced Institute of Science)
  • Published : 1981.04.30


The reactions of adsorbed oxygen species, $O_2^-$ and $O^-$, with propylene on ZnO were studied by EPR spectroscopy and temperature programmed desorption technique. Propylene interacts with adsorbed $O_2^-$ at $25^{\circ}C$ and the surface intermediate was decomposed to CO, $H_2$, $CO_2$ and $CH_4$ by raising the temperature above $200^{\circ}C$, while $O^-$ gave the products of complete oxidation, $CO_2$ and $H_2O$ above $300^{\circ}C$.



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