An Investigation on Milking Disturbances of Mammary System

젖소 필유계(泌乳係)의 착유장애(搾乳障碍)에 관한 조사(調査)

  • Published : 1981.10.15


An investigation on various causes of milking disturbances resulting from injuries and abnormalities of mammary system were made in 2,179 Holstein cows. To perform this investigation, 69 dairy farms of the suburban area of Seoul city, Gyeonggi-do and Chungnam provinces were andomly selected and subjected. Diagnosis was made by means of inspection and palpation of teat, insertion of teat canula, checking milk machines, anamneses and farm records. This investigation was, actively done from March 1977 to February 1979, The results obtained were summerized as follows; 1. It was found that 446 cows, accounting for 20.48% of 2,179 cows inspected, had supernumerary teats. Among them 53.59% had one, 43.72% had two, 2.47% had three, and 0.22% had four supernumerary teats, respectively. 2. Dry off quarters were found in 158 quarters which turned out to be 1.8% of 8,716 quarters inspected. Among dry off quarters, 62.02% seemed to be caused by mastitis, 30.37% by acquired teat obstructions, and 7.59% by congenital blind teats and glands respectively. 3. Teat sphincter stenosis was found in 154 teats of 50 cows, which represents 1.76% of 8,716 teats and 2.29% of 2,179 cows inspected, respectively. Among 154 teats with teat sphincter stenosis, 138 teats (85.7%) of 33 cows were found to be congenital and revealed highest incidence. 4. Loose sphincter was found in 78 teats of 36 cows, which figure 0.89% of 8,7l6 teats and 1.69% of 2,179 cows inspected, respectively. Among 78 teats with loose sphincter, 52 teats (66.66%) of 13 cows were found to be congenital and revealed highest incidence. 5. Injured teat tip caused by over milking of milk machine, was found in 229 teats of 156 cows, which figure 2.63% of 8,716 teats and 7.15% of 2,179 cows observed, respectively. 6. Other miscellaneous injuries and congenital abnormalities of teats and udders were diagnosed as follows: The teat laceration was found in 34 teats (0.39% of 8,716 teats), fissure of teat skin in 24 teats (0.28% of 8,716 teats), stricture of teat cistern in 21 teats (0.24% of 8,716 teats), teat fistula in 12 teats (0.14% of 8,716 teats), papillomas on testes in 8 teats (0.09% of 8,716 teats). Knothole orifice in 7 teats (0.08% of 8,716 teats), subcutaneous abscess of udder in 5 quarters (0.05% of 8,716 teats), membraneous obstruction of teat cistern in 4 teats (0.05% of 8,716 teats), and congenital short teat in 8 teats (0.09% of 8,716 teats), respectively.