Effect of Sanitation Treatment of Extending Shelf-life on Fresh Poultry Meats

계육(鷄肉)의 유통기간연장(流通期間延長)을 위(爲)한 위생처리방법(衛生處理方法)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Cho, M.J. (College of Agriculture, Gyeong Sang National University) ;
  • Jang, P.H. (College of Agriculture, Gyeong Sang National University) ;
  • Park, K.B. (College of Agriculture, Gyeong Sang National University) ;
  • Lee, B.M. (Jinju Ham and Sausage Co)
  • Published : 1982.12.30


In order to develop effective and simple sanitation method for the extention of shelf-life of fresh poultry meat, the effect of sanitizers, sanitation methods and packaging materials on the extention of shelf-life of poultry meats was observed at the $4^{\circ}C$ and room temp$(10{\sim}20^{\circ}C)$. The results are summarized as follows: 1. The autochonous skin microflora of poultry, before processing, were believed to be removed or killed during the scalding and plucking, and exposed dermal tissue was contaminated by microorganisms from the subsequent stages of processing. 2. In the final stage of poultry processing, total viable counts of microorganisms and coliforms were averaged to $3.5{\times}10^4/cm^2$ and $400/cm^2$, respectively. 3. The refrigerated shelf-life of fresh whole poultry carcasses at $3\;to\;4^{\circ}C$ was extended to 7 to 16 days compared to control with the various treatments of some sanitizers by dipping freshly chilled carcasses for 5 min or spraying 1 liter of sanitizers per carcasses. In the case of storage at $10\;to\;15^{\circ}C$, the shelf-life of poultry carcasses was extended to one to two days by the sanitation treatments compared to control. 4. Spraying sanitation was more effective than dipping sanitation, and 5 minutes dipping and one liter spraying per carcass were enough for effective sanitation of poultry carcasses in most sanitizers. 5. The packaging with an oxygen impermeable polyvinylidene chloride extended the shelf-life to 10 days and 5 days with polyethylene compared to control. When poultry carcasses were sanitized by continuous spraying with one liter of 30 ppm of chlorine and another one liter of 5% of potassium sorbate, packaged with polyvinylidene chlorlde were extended to about 30 days compared to control.