Effect of Bacillus Strains on the Chungkook-jang Processing - II. Changes of the Components and Enzyme Activities During the Storage of Chungkook-jang -

균주(菌株)를 달리한 청국장 제조(製造)에 관한 연구(硏究) - 제 2 보 : 청국장의 저장중(貯藏中)의 성분(成分) 및 효소력(酵素力)의 변화(變化) -

  • Published : 1982.12.30


The growth process of the Chungkook-jang that occured by utilizing such traditional methods as Bacillus natto and Bacillus subtilis method has been examined. The results of the experiment in which the changing process of elements during the storage period had been measured are as follows: 1. During the growth period, concerning any change in pH, the storage period had been declined and after 18 days pH rose above 7.0. Salt content was between $5.28{\sim}6.40%$ and Bacillus subtilis fungus showed the highest titrable acidity. 2. Moisture content was between $50.94{\sim}56.74%$ and crude protein content range was $14.44{\sim}18.60%$ indicating irregularity in pattern resulting from the testing equipment groups, whereas crude fat and crude fiber tend to decrease in general. 3. During the storage, total sugar and ethyl alcohol content in all of groups tended to decrease and after 18 days Bacillus subtilis total sugar content was the lowest. 4. Amino nitrogen and water soluble nitrogen content increased with days, but no difference was found between groups. 5. Amylase and protease activity showed irregular pattern with time, but no significant difference between groups was found.