Pseudo-Binary Diffusion Coefficients of Organic Aroma Component - I. The Diffusion Coefficient of Benzaldehyde in Aqueous Sugar Solution -

유기방향물질의 의사 2성분계 확산계수 - 제1보 : 설탕수용액중 Benzaldehyde의 확산계수 -

  • Kang, An-Soo (Department of Chemical Engineering, Myong Ji University) ;
  • Lee, Tae-Hee (Department of Chemical Engineering, Yonsei University)
  • Published : 1982.12.30


The measurement of cell constant in a diaphragm-cell method is the most important factor. In order to get the correct cell constant, the diffusion coefficients of potassium chloride were measured, at various concentration and temperature of potassium chloride solution, and at the stirring rate in the cell. The pseudo-binary diffusion coefficients of organic aroma component (benzaldehyde) in sugar solution has been measured at various concentration and temperature with the cell constant obtained above. Experimental results were compared and discussed with the semi-empirical epuations from literatures. And, especially, the diffusion coefficient of benzaldehyde, $D_{ba}$ for a small solute diffusing in a viscous solvent of larger molecules is proportional to the -0.82 power of the viscosity of aqueous sugar solution, ${\mu}$ at constant temperature, $D_{ba}{\mu}^{0.82}=constant$.