Free Amino Acid Composition and Calcium, Iron Contents of Boiled-dried Anchovy

자건(煮乾)멸치 자숙액중(煮熟液中)의 유리(遊離) 아미노산(酸)의 조성(組成)과 칼슘 및 철분의 함량(含量)

  • Ryu, Beoung-Ho (Department of Food Science & Nurtition, Busan Sanub University)
  • 유병호 (부산산업대학 식품가공학과)
  • Published : 1982.12.30


This study designed to elucidate free amino acid composition and calcium, iron contents in extractive cooking. broth of boiled-dried anchovy. Composition of the free amino acid in boiled-dried anchovy, in large and medium one appeared the same tendency. Abundant free amino acid of boiled-dried anchovy were histidine, alanine, lysine, leucine, glycine and glutamic acid in order. The total free amino acid was greatly extracted from cooking broth when boiled at 30 minutes. Free amino acid, such as histidine, alanine, lysine, leucine and glutamic acid had abundant in cooking broth. The calcium and iron contents in broth were little difference between large and medium one. Calcium and iron contents were highest in cooking broth when boiled at 30 minutes. Panel test on general accetability was very good in the boiling at 30 minutes.