Study on Sodium, Patassium Content in Diet and of Blood Serum of Toxemic Pregnant Women

임신중독증(姙娠中毒症)의 식이(食餌)와 혈청중(血淸中)의 나트륨, 칼륨함량(含量)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)

  • Kim, Mi-Kyung (Dept. of Home Economics. Seoul Woman's University) ;
  • Woo, Soon-Im (Dept. of Home Economics. Seoul Woman's University) ;
  • Chun, Sae-Youl (Clinical Nutrition Research Institute, Hallim Univeristy)
  • 김미경 (서울여자대학 가정학과) ;
  • 우순임 (서울여자대학 가정학과) ;
  • 전세열 (한림대학교 임상영양연구소)
  • Published : 1982.12.30


The present study was carried out to investigate the relationship between the patients with toxemia of pregnancy and sodium, potassium and chlorine content in their blood serum and the intake diet. The author analyzed or titrated the concentration of serum and diet electrolytes for the antenatal and gynecologic inpatients (19 normal and 17 toxemic pregnant women ranged 23 to 32 years old) of the Han gang sacred Heart Hospital in Seoul and also determined their daily salt intake. The results obtained can be summarized as follows. 1. In the patients with toxemia of pregnancy mean sodium concentration in serum $(147.2{\pm}11.0mEq/L\;(338.5mg/dl)$ was greater than that of normal pregnant women (140 mEq/L corresponding to 322mg/dl) 2. In the toxemic pregnant women serum chlorine level (mean $113.4{\pm}5.6 mEq/L$ corresponding to 402.5mg/dl) showed the increase of 9.9 mEq /L(36.9 mg/dl) when compared to mean value of normal pregnant women(103.5mEq/L corresponding to 365.6mg/dl). 3. Mean potassium content in pregnant women with toxemia($4.59{\pm}0.7mEq/L$ corresponding to 17.9mg/dl) was similar to that of normal pregnant women(4.2mEq/L corresponding to 16.3mg/dl). 4. It was found that the salt content detected in the diet of toxemic pregnant women (mean $20.84{\pm}2.1g/day$) was greater than daily mean salt intake of normal pregnant women (19g).