Effect of Relative Humidities on the Qualities of White Ginseng during Storage -I. On the Sorption Isotherm and Changes of TBA Value, Fat Soluble and Water Soluble Pigment-

저장상대습도(貯藏相對濕度)가 백삼품질(白蔘品質)에 미치는 영향(影響) -제1보(第1報) : 등온흡습곡선(等溫吸濕曲線)과 TBA가(價), 지용성(脂溶性) 및 수용성색소(水溶性色素)의 변화(變化)-

  • Noh, Hye-Won (Dental College, Jeonbuk National University) ;
  • Do, Jae-Ho (Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Research Institute) ;
  • Kim, Sang-Dal (Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Research Institute) ;
  • Oh, Hoon-Il (Department of Food Science & Technology, King Sejong University)
  • Published : 1983.01.01


Monolayer moisture contents of white ginseng and white ginseng powder were 6.68g/100g and 7.81g/100g respectively, and the corresponding water activity at that moisture were 0.16 and 0.18 respectively. TBA value increased with an increase in relative humidity and storage period, and the increase of TBA value was the lowest at 23-32% R.H.. The variation of fat soluble and water soluble pigment in white ginseng was similar to that of TBA value.