Contents of Minerals and Amino Acid of Husked and Naked Barley

겉보리 및 쌀보리의 무기질과 아미노산 함량

  • Published : 1983.01.01


Contents of minerals and amino acids of two varieties of husked barley (Olbori and Kangbori) and of naked barley (Sedohadaka and Baikdong) which were abrasively polished 40 and 30%, respectively, were determined. There were no significant differences in the contents for minerals (Mg, Ca, Na, K and P) between varieties of husked barley or of naked barley except P. Amino acid scores for Olbori, Kangbori, Sedohadaka and Baikong were 70, 62, 60 and 64, respectively. The first and second limiting amino acids for all varieties were lysine and isoleucine, respectively.