Studies on the Preparation of Polished ${\alpha}-Barley$ -I. The Yield and Degree of Gelatinization-

${\alpha}$화 보리쌀의 제조에 관한 연구 -제 1 보 : ${\alpha}$화 보리쌀의 수율과 호화도-

  • 김형수 (연세대학교 식생활학과) ;
  • 강옥주 (연세대학교 식생활학과) ;
  • 류은순 (연세대학교 식생활학과)
  • Published : 1983.01.01


Alpha-barley were prepared by means of soaking, heating, and drying treatment. The degree of gelatinization ${\alpha}-barley$ were determined. The yield of ${\alpha}-barley$ prepared by microwave heating, steaming, and autoclaving were in the range of 95-98%, whereas by boiling, only 74-89% of ${\alpha}-barley$ were obtained. The degree of gelatinization of ${\alpha}-barley$ prepared by 5 min microwave heating and 10 min and 20 min steaming were around 90%. Alpha-barley prepared by boiling, autoclaving and 30 min steaming showed above 95% of degree of gelatinization.