Triglyceride Composition of Perilla Oil

들깨기름의 Triglyceride 조성(組成)에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1983.01.01


The triglyceride composition of perilla oil was investigated by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) in combination with gas liquid chromatography (GLC). The triglycerides were separated from perilla oil by thin layer chromatography (TLC), and fractionated into five groups on the basis of their partition numbers by reverse phase HPLC on a column packed with ${\mu}-Bondapak\;C_{18}$ using methanol-chloroform mixture as a solvent. Each of these collected fractions gave one to three peaks in the GLC chromatograms according to the acyl carbon number of the triglyceride, and fatty acid composition of the triglyceride was also analyzed by GLC. The results indicate that the perilla oil consists of fifteen kinds of triglycerides, and the major triglycerides in perilla oil were as follows: 68.0% of $(C_{18:3},\;C_{18:3},\;C_{18:3})$, 6.7% of $(C_{18:2},\;C_{18:3},\;C_{18:3})$, 5.9% of $(C_{18:1},\;C_{18:3},\;C_{18:3})$, 4.3% of $(C_{16:0},\;C_{18:3},\;C_{18:3})$, 3.8% of $(C_{18:1},\;C_{18:2},\;C_{18:3})$, 3.2% of $(C_{18:1},\;C_{18:1},\;C_{18:3})$, 2.0% of $(C_{16:0},\;C_{18:2},\;C_{18:3})$, 1.5% of ($C_{18:2},\;C_{18:2},\;C_{18:3})$, 1.0% of $(C_{16:0},\;C_{18:1},\;C_{18:3})$.