Basic Studies on the Native Colored-Soybean Cultivars III. Variations and Preformances in Chemical Composition and Textural Property in Seeds of Collected Colored-Soybean Cultivars

유색 대두수집종의 특성연구 제III보 유색 대두수집종의 화학적 조성과 특성 변이

  • Published : 1983.10.01


Collected 38 varieties of colored-soybean seed cultivated under a given cultural conditions were tested in the various chemical compositions and rheological properties in seeds. As it were, protein, fat, carbohydrate, ash and water contents as a chemical contents were studied not only on their statistical variations, but also on interrelationships with their collaborated rheological characteristics; hardness, cohesiveness, elasticity, gumminess and chewiness. For the rheological analysis of the materials, the General Foods Texturometer and typical texturometer curve were used.