A study on the dielectric dispersion of vulcanized natural rubber

가황에 의한 천연고무의 유전분산에 관한연구

  • Lee, Joon-Ung (Department of Electrical Engineering, Kwang Woon University) ;
  • Kim, Hak-Ju (Department of Electrical Engineering, Kwang Woon University)
  • Published : 1983.06.30


The dielectric properties of polymers are very important when investigating the molecular structure of polymers. The characteristics of the dielectric absorption in vulcanized natural rubber were studied in frequency ranging from 10[KHz] to 32[MHz] at the temperature of 25[$^{\circ}C$]. As a result of the study, it has been confirmed that natural rubber vulcanized below 4phr leads to two kinds of dielectric losses due to the interfacial polarization and the dipole polarization by sulfur, and of above 7[%] was only a loss due to the dipole polarization by sulfur. Futhermore, the dielectric loss maximum $tan{\delta}$ spectrum, removed to the low frequency in accordance with increasing sulfur, depends greatly on sulfur. The volume resistivity of $10^{7}{\sim}10^{11}[{\Omega}{\cdot}cm}]$, regardless of whether the crosslinking of rubber is weakened by sulfur, was observed.