The Effect of Polychlorinated Biphenyl on the Enzyme Activity in the Tissues of the Albino Rat (I) : The Effect of PCB on the Lactatedehydrogenase Activity

PCB가 흰쥐의 조직(組織) 효소(酵素) 활성(活性)에 미치는 영향(影響) (제일보(第一報)) - Lactatedehydrogenase에 관(關)해서 -

  • Received : 1983.05.23
  • Published : 1983.09.30


After examining the changes of LDH activity in the liver, brain and kidney of albino rats administrated with various amounts and periods, the following results were obtained: The LDH activity in liver, brain and kidney showed a gradual increase in proportion to the amount of PCB. The LDH activity has considerably increased with PCB administration, the maximum increasing rate shown within the first five days and the second five days respectively for 50 & 100 ppm group and for 10 ppm group. The LDH activity of brain in 50 and 100 ppm group showed its peak increase for the first five days with its subsequent decrease, while there was almost no change until the 1th day in 10 ppm group. The LDH activity in kidney showed the greatest increase between the 10th and 15th day.