Processing Conditions and Quality Stability of Sardine Steak during Frozen Storage

정어리 스테이크의 가공 및 동결저장 중의 품질 안정성

  • Published : 1984.06.30


For the purpose of improving the precooked frozen food, the processing conditions of sardine steaks and the effect of soybean protein and corn starch on quality of the products during frozen storage were investigated. Fresh sardines were purchased from Busan Central Whole Sale Market and filleted. And then sardine meats were separated from fillets by fish meat separator. The meats were mixed with 0.5% sodium bicarbonate, 1.5% of table salt and 0.2% of polyphosphate, monosodium glutamate, white pepper, garlic powder and nutmeg, respectively. The mixture was minced with the stone grinder and filled in polyvinylidene chloride film tube and then stored at $-3^{\circ}C$ for 36 hours prior to frozen storage. Sardine steaks containing 3% of soybean protein were superior to those of containing 3% of corn starch or without soybean protein and corn starch on texture and eating quality of them during the period of frozen storage. It is convinced that addition of 3% of soybean protein to the sardine steak was benefically effective for the control of free drip, oxidative rancidity and the improvement of texture. The quality of frozen sardine steaks, by sensory evaluation, were preserved in good eating quality for 90 days during frozen storage.