Composition of Fatty Acids and Alcohols in Liquid Koji Kochujang

액체국에 의한 숙성 고추장의 지방산 및 알콜조성

  • Published : 1984.06.30


The three kinds of Kochujang were prepared with liquid koji equivalent to 30, 50 and 70% of brewing water and the composition of fatty acid and alcohols in the Kochujang aged at $25^{\circ}C$ for 3 months were compared with solid koji Kochujang. Palmitic, oleic and linoleic acid were found in all Kochujangs; but myristic, stearic and linolenic acid were detected in only the 50 and 70% liquid koji group. The predominant fatty acid of all Kochujang was linoleic acid, followed by oleic and palmitic acid. The total percentage of linoleic acid in the Kochujang was 58.47-83.39%. Linolenic, myristic and stearic acid were less than 3%. Ethyl, iso-butyl and iso-amyl alcohol were detected from all kinds of Kochujang. Iso-propyl alcohol was found in the Kochujang prepared from solid koji and 30% liquid koji. The contents of iso-butyl and iso-amyl alcohol were high in solid koji Kochujang and 50% liquid koji Kochujang. There were no significant difference in the contents of ethyl alcohol among tested Kochujangs.