Changes of Organic Acids and Volatile Flavor Compounds in Kimchis Fermented with Different Ingredients

재료의 종류에 따른 김치의 유기산 및 휘발성 향미 성분의 변화

  • 유재연 (서울대학교 가정학과 식품영양학과) ;
  • 이혜성 (서울대학교 가정학과 식품영양학과) ;
  • 이혜수 (서울대학교 가정학과 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1984.06.30


The changes of the content of organic acids, carbon dioxide, alcohols and carbonyl compounds of the various Kimchis which were made of cabbage with green onion, garlic, ginger or red pepper and fermented at $12^{\circ}C-16^{\circ}C$ were investigated. Nonvolatile organic acids identified were lactic, succinic, fumaric and malic acid. Volatile organic acids identified were acetic, formic, propionic, butyric, valeric, n-caproic and n-heptanoic acid. Carbonyl compounds identified were acetaldehyde and acetone. The content of lactic acid was increased with fermentation, and higher in Kimchis containing red pepper, garlic and green onion. The content of acetic acid was increased with fermentation, especially in Kimchi containing garlic. The content of carbon dioxide was higher in Kimchi containing garlic. Alcohols identified in all Kimchis was only ethanol. Carbonyl compounds had no direct effect on off-flavor of Kimchi.