Storage of Pine Agaric by Irradiation Combined with Natural Low Temperature

방사선(放射線) 조사(照射)와 자연저온(自然低溫)에 의한 송이 저장(貯藏)

  • Published : 1984.06.30


In order to develop the storage method of pine agaric by irradiation, pine agarics irradiated with 1,2 and 2.5 kGy were stored in natural low temperature storage room ($15{\pm}2^{\circ}C$, RH: $80{\pm}5%$) and the physicochemical properties were investigated during the 15 days of storage. Veil opening rate of pine agaric was 97% after 7 days storage in control, whereas only 5% in 2-2.5 kGy irradiated groups. Rotting rate after 7 days storage were 28% in control,5-8% in 2-2.5 kGy irradiated groups. In comparison of weight loss, texture and appearance.2-2.5 kGy irradiated groups were better than control. Chemical composition of pine agaric was not remarkably changed by the irradiation and storage period except a slight increase in reducing sugar and a decrease in ascorbic acid by the increase of irradiation dose.