A Study on Fare Management For Taxicab as a Means of Paratransit in Urban Areas

준대중교통수단으로서 택시교통요율 관리에 관한 연구

  • 임강원 (서울대학교 환경대학원)
  • Published : 1984.10.01


Development of para-transit is imminent in modern metropolis which are galloping toward motorization. Compared with other already industrialize countries, our metropolis can take a vantage of late starter in coping with urban transportation problem. Our metropolis are still heavily relying on public and/or pare-transit in modal split. Current government policy toward taxi-cab, however, seems to contradict with the objective of developing para-transit. If it is not adequately developed, the middle-class people of higher income would have no other option than having their own auto as already been observed. It will centainly accelerate our motorization process so that we follow the model of industrialized countries, and their problems too. Insisting that our transport policy should be drastically reformulated in favor of paratransit in addition to public transit, this study reappraise current policy on taxi-cab with respect to fare, prohibition of shared-ride, and other regulatory measures and propose and management model for taxi fare and operating policy in metropolis.