Mathematical and Simulation Models for the Orientation of the Terminal Cladodes of Platyopuntia

부채仙人掌類의 頂端葉牀莖의 方位에 관한 數學 및 數植模寫 Model

  • Chang, Nam-Kee (Dept. of Biology, College of Education, Seoul National University) ;
  • Heui-Baik Kim (Dept. of Biology, College of Education, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1984.04.01


The mathematical and simulation models to estimate the monthly average daily solar irradiance onthe terminal cladodes of platyopuntia were established. An east-west facing cladode showed maximum irradiance from March to October, while south-north facing one did from November to February from themodel. The orientations and the tilt angles were practically measured on Hallim-eup, Cheju-do. They tended to face east-west, but the overall distribution was deviagted at about 10。 was owing to the southern east wind blowing strongly at that time. The most cladodes inclined to the north or the west rather than erected vertically to the ground. It is thought that the tilt angles were also affected by the southern east wind.