A Study on the Stability of Uncontinuous Plate Structures with Cracks

결함을 갖는 불연속평판 구조물의 안정성 연구

  • Published : 1984.03.01


This paper deals with the characterics of the stability of uncontinuous plate structures with cracks. The relation between the J-intergal of the cracks existing in the stress-concentrated regions and local strain are investigated experimentally and theoretically. The BEM(boundary element method)analysis and test results lead to the follow conclusions: 1. A non-dimensional J was computed in a plate stress and strain condition for several kind of loads and crack types. The J design curves are defined as follows: J sub(E)/$\sigma$ sub(y) super(2) a=3.345(e/e sub(y) ) super(2) at e/e sub(y)$\leq$1 J sub(E)/$\sigma$ sub(y) super(2) a=3.345(e/e sub(y) ) at e/e sub(y)$\geq$1 2. Use of this curve provides a good estimation for the uncontinuous plate structures with cracks existing in the stress and strain concentrated region. 3. The stability of the characteristics is mainly depenent upon not the length of cracks but the type of the cracks.