The Effects of Perilla and Pine Nut on Blood Components in Rats

들깨와 잣이 흰쥐의 혈액 성분에 미치는 영향

  • Jho, Hu Jhong (Gratuate School of Myongi University Dept. of Food and Nutrition)
  • Published : 1984.04.01


The diets used to this experiment were composed only of stock diet for group A, a mixture of stock diet and 2% cholesterol for group B, and 5%, 10% perilia powder for group C, D and 5%, 10% pine nut for group E, F in addition to group B diet respectively. All groups fed with these experimental diets for 3 weeks were fasted for 15 hours at the end of the experiment, and then they were decapitated to take serum. The serum was used to measure the level of glucose, total cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL-cholesterol and lipoprotein composition. The results were summarized as follows. 1. Perilla and pine nut diets have no influence on body weight and food intake in cholesterolfed male rats 2. The blood glucose level was not changed significantly at groups C-F. 3. Total cholesterol level was significantly decreased by 21.6% ~ 29.7% at group C-F than at group B. 4. HDL-cholesterol level was increased by 51.3% ~ 86.1% at group C-F than at Group B. 5. The $\alpha/\beta$ ratio which is 0.51 at the group A was risen to 0.99 at the group B. However, this ratio was decreased to 0.5 0 - 0.51 at group C, D and to 0.68 - 0.69 at group E.F.