Study of Molecular Reorientation in Liquid with Raman Spectroscopy(III). Temperature Dependence of Molecular Rotation of $C_6F_6$ in Neat Liquid

액체분자의 재배치 운동에 관한 라만 분광법적 연구 (제3보) 순수한 $C_6F_6$ 액체분자의 회전운동에 대한 온도의 영향

  • Myung Soo Kim (Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University)
  • 김명수 (서울대학교 자연과학대학 화학과)
  • Published : 1984.02.20


The reorientational motion of $C_6F_6$ in neat liquid is investigated in the temperature range 293∼333K by analyzing ${\nu}_2$ and ${\nu}_16$ bands of its Raman spectrum. Diffusion constants for the tumbling ($D_{\bo}$) and spinning ($D_{\parallel}$) motions are determined. The reorientation of the molecule seems to be distinctly anisotropic. Based on the hydrodynamic model, the tumbling motion of the figure axis of $C_6F_6$ is largely diffusional. On the other hand, the spinning motion of the same axis looks mostly inertial.



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