Preparation of Dioxygen Bridged Palladium Complexes by Superoxide Ion $(O_2^-)$

초과산화이온 $(O_2^-)$ 에 의한 산소가교팔라듐착화합물의 합성

  • 정평진 (단국대학교 재료공학과)
  • Published : 1984.04.20


New type dioxygen bridged complexes of palladium were prepared by using $KO_2$ as a source of superoxide ion $(O_2^-)$. The method is completely different from the traditional one which has adopted the oxidative addition of molecular oxygen to transition metal complexes in low valency. It was suggested that the reaction to prepare the dioxygen complexes proceeded via nucleophilic displacement followed by electron transfer reaction. Five new type dioxygen complexes having ${\pi}$-allyl ligand were prepared and characterized by the application of the reaction of $O_2^-$.



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