The Ion Transport Phenomena through the Liquid Membrane with Macrocyclic Compound (I). Mechanism of Potassium Ion Transport through $H_2O-CHl_3-H_2O$ System with Dibenzo-18-Crown-6

마크로고리 화합물을 운반체로 하는 액체막을 통한 이온의 운반에 관한 연구 (제1보). Dibenzo-18-Crown-6-(DBC)/$H_2O-CHCl_3-H_2O$계에서 칼륨이온의 운반 메카니즘

  • Published : 1984.06.20


The transport rates of $K^+$ion through CHCl$_3$ liquid membrane containing dibenzo-18-crown-6(DBC) as a carrier molecule have been determined at $25^{\circ}C$. The transport rates depend highly on the ion concentration and on the nature of anion. It is concluded that $K^+$ions are transported in the form of ion-pair. In the case of potassium picrate, however, it is found that the transport proceeds with the formation of the incomplete ion-pair in the concentration less than 1.0 ${\times}10^{-3}$M of picrate, while with the complete formation of ion-pair in the concentration more than 1.0 ${\times}10^{-3}$M of picrate. Seven steps of the transport process are suggested and they can be illustrated in terms of energy barrier model as a function of the position of ionic species in the membrane.



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