Change in the Binding Cooperativity of Ethidium with Calf Thymus DNA, Induced by Spermine Binding

Spermine에 依한 Ethidium의 Calf Thymus DNA와의 結合 Cooperativity 變化

  • Ko, Thong-Sung (Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, Chungnam National University) ;
  • Huh, Joon (Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, Chungnam National University) ;
  • Lee, Chan-Yong (Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, Chungnam National University)
  • 고동성 (忠南大學校 理科大學 化學科) ;
  • 허준 (忠南大學校 理科大學 化學科) ;
  • 이찬용 (忠南大學校 理科大學 化學科)
  • Published : 1984.06.20


At the spermine concentration to cover the number of the binding site of spermine 0.016 per nucleotide, the Hill coefficient of the ethidium binding to the calf thymus DNA was 1.7, while the value was 0.38 in the absence of the spermine. On the basis of the data, together with other present data on the viscometric titration of the DNA with spermine and anomalous absorbance-temperature profile at 260nm and viscosity-temperature profile, it can be speculated that allosteric propagation of the conformational transition induced by the binding of the spermine may be involved in the monomolecular collapse of the DNA to a condensed structure.



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