An Ultrastructural Study on Two Cases of Canine Leiomyosarcoma

개의 평골근육종(平滑筋肉腫) 2예(例)에 관한 미세형태학적관찰(微細形態學的觀察)

  • Received : 1984.03.02
  • Published : 1984.06.01


Undifferentiated leiomyosarcomas were encountered in two dogs, and an ultrastructural study was carried out. The results of this study were summarized as follows; 1. The nuclei of mosts tumor cells showed bilobate appearance. 2. Most cells of the tumors had not a distinct basement membrane. 3. Most cells of the tumors had a degenerative rough endoplasmic reticulum. 4. Intercellular matrix contained some amounts of collagen. 5. Attachment areas between tumor cells were not apparent, but a few tight junction were clearly seen. 6. Myofibrils were present in bipolor end area.