Geological Discussion of Monolithic Rock Slide on the Slope of Mt. Seunghag, Dangridong, Busan

부산직할시 승학산 단일암괴 사태사고의 환경지질학적 고찰

  • Published : 1984.09.01


A rock slide in amount of 100 tons in weight happened at 7: 10 a.m., 4th October 1982, on the southwestern ridge of Mt. Seunghag, Busan City. The original rock mass of the rock slide is located 850m west from the Dangri Crushed Stone Quarry. The geology of the area consists of agglomerate, andesite, andesitic tuff, and shale hornfels of the Cretaceous Yucheon Group. The rock blocks were first shifted along the steep joint plane on an andesite outcrop at the site and then to the eastern foot of the mountain slope where some private houses are placed. The mountain slope is covered with thick superficial soil. A slided monolithic-block with 83 tons in weight from the rock slide met with an accident of striking against a house with a tremendous force, to which much damage was done as much as its half was destroyed. The rock-slided block pierced the board-floored room only posited at the center and by the bedroom of the house making a pass like a bullet hole, and hence cut a big pine tree with 24 centimeters in diameter at a distance of 26 meters down the house. However nobody was killed or injured in the stricken house, though seven family members were stayed therein at the very time of accident. They really met a rare opportunity in an unhappy disaster. Measurements of the rock slide were made in the course of the field survey. The monolithic mass was transported by way of saltation, rolling, and sliding to a distance of 300 meters down along the slope dipping 30$^{\circ}$ east. It took about 16 seconds front tile outcrop to the terminal. The acceleration value of the monolithic rock slide is 2.35m/sec$^2$.