Composition, the Changes of Diastase Activity and Hydroxymethylfurfural Content During Storage of the Various Honey Samples

벌꿀의 조성(組成)과 저장중(貯藏中)의 Diastase 및 Hydroxymethylfurfural함량변화(含量變化)

  • Published : 1985.06.01


The sugers and free amino acids of honey(Western and Domestic honey) and the changes of diastase activity during storage at various temperatures and HMF were studied. The average content of sugers in the western honey was 40.20% of fructose, 32.43% of glucose and 1.0% of sucrose. The average ratio of fructose to glucose was 1.24. In the case of the domestic honey, average content of sugers was 37.37% of fructose, 31.92% of glucose and 0.74% of sucrose and the average ratio of fructose to glucose was 1.19. Of the 16 amino acids detected, proline was the most predominant free amino acid in all of the honey studied, representing 39.59 to 46.86% of total free amino acids. Diastase activity of honey during the storage at $50^{\circ}C$ was rapidly decreased, but it was notably changed during storage at low temperature ($4^{\circ}C$) and room temperature ($20^{\circ}C$). The accumlated content of HMF were 0.12 to 0.47mg% during storage at 80 days at $20^{\circ}C$ and 5.35 to 8.71mg% after 3 weeks storage at $50^{\circ}C$.