Identification and Tolerance-Test to Digestive Fluids of Lactobacilli Isolated from Korean Liquid Yogurts

국내 액상발효유에서 분리한 유산균의 동정 및 소화관액 내성조사

  • So, Myeong-Hwan (Department of Food and Nutrition, Bucheon Technical College)
  • 소명환 (부천공업전문대학 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1985.06.01


Eight strains of Lactobacilli(a, b, b', c, d, e, f and g) were isolated from seven Korean liquid-yogurts(A, B, C, D, E, F and G), and identification and tolerance-test to digestive fluids were carried out. Isolate a from yogurt A and isolate a from yogurt E were identified as L. casei, isolate b from yogurt B as L. acidophilus, isolate d from yogurt D as L. bulgaricus, isolate f from yogurt F as L. helveticus, and isolate b' from yogurt B, isolate c from yogurt C and isolate g from yogurt G as L. jugurti, respectively. Isolate f(L. helveticus) and c(L. jugurti) showed high tolerance to artificial gastric juice but didn't to bile acid. Isolate b(L. acidophilus), a(L. casei), and e(L. casei) showed high tolerance to both artificial gastric juice and bile acid, but isolate d(L. bulgaricus), b'(L. jurgurti) and g(L. jugurti) did not.