Content of trans Fatty Acids in Korean Margarine

국산(國産) 마아가린중의 트란스산(酸) 함량

  • Published : 1985.06.01


Fatty acid patterns were determined for 11 and 19 brands of household margarines from the local markets in Korea in 1983 and 1984, respectively. Gas-liquid chromatographic analyses on OV-275 column showed that the average content of total trans fatty acids was 18% ranging from 6.2 to 35.5% for the margarines produced in 1983. The prototype of trans fatty acids was trans-octadecenoic acid. There was a small amount of c, t-or t, c-octadecadienoic, whereas there were practically no t, t-octadecadienoic acid. Trans fatty acids was increased in proportion to linoleic acid contents. For the margarines produced in 1984.. percentage of trans fatty acids tended to decrease, while that of linoleic acid was increased as compared with the corresponding values for the 1983 products. Thus, the P/S ratio was increased markedly in the soft type margarines produced in 1984. However, Korean margarines contained seemingly less linoleic acid than that contained in Japanese margarines.