Changes in Taste Compounds of Processed Surf Clam(Mactra veneriformis)

동죽(Mactra veneriformis)가공에 따른 정미성분의 변화

  • Published : 1985.06.01


The taste compounds including glycogen, nucleotides and their related compounds and free amino acid content of Raw, Boiled and Sun-dried and Boided and 1lot-air dried surf clam(Mactra veneriformis) were investigated. Crude protein and crude lipid content changed little after processing, but ash content of processed surf clam was increased 21.5%. Glycogen content was increased 6.7% in a processed surf clam. In nucleotides and their related compounds there are much ATP, ADP, IMP and Hypoxannthine in raw material, ATP, ADP, IMP content was decreased and Hypoxannthine disappeared after processing, In the raw extract, glycine, alanine, arginine were abundant, holding 85% of total free amino acid contents. After processing, generally 60% of raw material free amino acids content were existed.