Detection of Aflatoxins in Soybean Food by HPLC

고속액체 크로마토 그라피에 의한 대두식품중 아플라톡신의 검출

  • Published : 1985.08.01


Aflatoxin $B_1$, $B_2$, $G_1$, and $G_2$were quantitatively detected by the high pressure liquid chromatography on a Micropak-CN column, with Hexane-THF-IPA-water, using a Lichrosorbpacked flowceil in the fluorometric detector. Under those conditions, the minimum detectable amount of aflatoxin $B_1$ was 0.2 ng. HPLC was used in determining amount of aflatoxins in the commercially manufactured soybean food and home-made Meju. Aflatoxin producing abilities of strains used in the industrially fermented soybean food were also studied with the HPLC technique. Although aflatoxin-like substances were detected in a few samples on TLC, they were not identified with the HPLC retention times of standard aflatoxins. The commercial fungal strains used in Korea had no aflatoxin producing abilities.