Effects of Temperature and Sugar Addition on The Flavor of Ginseng Tea

온도 및 당의 첨가가 인삼차의 향미에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1985.08.01


Sensory comparison of the flavor of ginseng teas prepared from concentrated white or red ginseng extract was investigated by multipl comparison test and quantitative descriptive analysis (QDA) on 12 selected descriptions. The white ginseng tea revealed higher intensities in odor and taste than those of red ginseng tea, particularly on earthy and sweet odor and bitter and astringent taste. Increase in sample temperature from $2^{\circ}C$ to $80^{\circ}C$ caused a general increase in aroma and bitter taste. When sucrose added into 3% ginseng tea solution, all of the taste descriptions, most significantly on bitterness and astringency, scored lower except sweetness while the aroma was affected a little.