Studies on storing Chest - nut(Castanea crenata var. dulcis Nakai) Sealing with Polyethylene Film

밤의 Polyethylene Film 밀봉 저장 효과

  • Published : 1985.10.30


Series of study were conducted to develop a method for longterm storage of chest-nut with preserving it's taste and freshness. Experiments were carried out with Korean chest-nut (Castanea crenata var. Okkwang) sealed in polyethylene (P.E) film stored under the ambient and low temperature. Summarized results are as follow: After the harvest, $CO_2$ produced by chest-nut at the early storage was increased with temperature increase. Q10 mg/kg/day, the temperature index of $CO_2$production, by chest-nut ranged 2.4-2.7. It was available to store chest-nut in good condition with 8-15% total loss upto the following may at the ambient temperature sealed in 0.03 mm P.E. film, and upto the following july at the low temperature if sealed in 0.03 or 0.05 mm P.E. film. Throughout the period from one month after the innitiation upto the end of the storage, the rate of $CO_2$and $O_2$ was maintained near the optimum condition for the CA storage of chest-nut. The taste of chest-nut was improved during the storage due to increased reducing-sugar and decreased wate soluble tannin. However, the taste become bitter and unacceptable from the early stage of the storage when used the thicker P.E. film (than above mentioned) for the sealing.