Analysis of n-Hexanal in Headspace Vapor over Cooked Brown Rice by Direct Vapor Injection Gas Chromatography

현미취반시 생성되는 n-hexanal의 가스크로마토그래피에 의한 분리및 정량

  • Published : 1985.10.30


n-Hexanal in headspace over the cooked brown rice stored at $5^{\circ}C$ and $35^{\circ}C$ for 0. 4, 8 and 12 months was determined by a modified direct vapor injection gas chromatographic method. The retention time of n-hexanal was 3.5 min and n-hexanal could be rapidly separated from other compounds at the operational conditions of gas chromatography. n-Hexanal contents of cooked brown rice also showed a standard deviation of less than 10% of the average