Basic Studies in Improvement of Freeze Concentration -(I) Measurements of Physical Properties for Concentrated Solution-

동결농축(凍結濃縮)의 개선(改善)을 위한 기초적(基礎的) 연구(硏究) -I. 농축시액(濃縮試液)의 물성측정(物性測定)-

  • Kong, Jai-Yul (Department of Refrigeration Engineering, National Fisheries University of Pusan)
  • 공재열 (부산수산대학 냉동공학과)
  • Published : 1985.11.21


Three kinds of aqueous solution of tobacco extracts are used as a new experimental material. It is measured how the operating condition, freezing point, viscosity as fundamental properties have the relation to concentration and temperature of the solution. The results of this study are obtained as follows. 1) The freezing point of the solution $(t_m)$ is presented; $t_m=-{\frac{18.6X}{170-{\frac{X}{100}}(170+18)}}$ 2) The correlation of the viscosity, the temperature and the concentration of the solution is followed; $log_{10{\mu}}={\frac{1585}{T}}+2.11{\frac{X}{100-X}}-5.50$ 3) The ice crystals whose circumference is a toothed wheel are made from high concentrated solution, and the thick plate shaped ones are done from the low concentrated solution.