Basic Studies in Improvement of Freeze Concentration -(II) The Growth Rate and the Variety in Diameters of Ice Crystals-

동결농축(凍結濃縮)의 개선(改善)을 위한 기초적연구(基礎的硏究) -II. 빙결정(氷結晶)의 성장속도(成長速度)와 입경분포(粒徑分布)-

  • Kong, Jai-Yul (Department of Refrigeration Engineering, National Fisheries University of Pusan)
  • 공재열 (부산수산대학 냉동공학과)
  • Published : 1985.11.21


Being used the three kinds of aqueous solution of tobacco extracts as a new experimental material, experiment and theoretical analysis are performed. Measurements are made with a apparatus designed and constructed by the author.The average diameter of the ice crystals is 0.04-0.1cm between 0.2 and $0.6^{\circ}C$ of the subcooling temperature of the solution. The growth rate of ice crystals in direction of axies A, $V_a$ is in proportion to the subcooling temperature, viz; $v_a=0.058{\Delta}t_b,\;where\;{\Delta}t_b<0.1^{\circ}C$ The growth rate of ice crystal have to be considered not only the mass diffusion and the heat transfer of rate controlling but also the process in ice crystallization. The growth rate of ice crystal is found to be independent on the concentration of the solution and a diameter of ice crystal.