The effects of partial replacement of rice flour with wheat flour and fermentationi time on the characteristics of Jeung-Pyun

밀가루 첨가 및 발효시간에 따른 증편의 특성

  • 김영희 (부천공업전문대학 식영과)
  • Published : 1985.09.01


This study was conducted to investigate the effects of fermentation time and the proportion of wheat flour to rice flour on Jeung-Pyun's texture. Textural characteristics were examined through sensory Evaluation and Instron Universal testing machine. The properties examined through sensory evaluation were grain, softness, sourness, chewiness and overall quality. Wigh Instron, hardness, cohesivenessm elasticity, gumminess and chewiness were measured. RESULTS : 1. Sensory evaluation data indicated that Jeung-Pyun containing 25% wheat flour and fermented 2 hrs were obtained higher scores than any other Jeug-Pyuns in the grain, softness and overall quality. 2. pHs of Jeung-pyundough and Jeung-Pyun containing 100% rice flour were lower than pHs of those with wheat flour added. 3. Volume of Jeung-Pyun increased as the proportion of wheat flour to rice flour and the length of fermentation time increased. 4. Instron measurement indicated that the hardness of Jeung-Pyun with 50% wheat flour added and 2hrs fermentation time was higher than of others.