Comparative Study of Age Estimation Accuracy in Gustafsonss Method and Prediction Formula by Multiple Regression

다변인회귀분석법과 Gustafson 방법에 의한 연령감정 정확도의 비교연구

  • 곽경환 (연세대학교 대학원 치의학과) ;
  • 김종열 (연세대학교 대학원 치의학과)
  • Published : 1985.12.01


This study comprised 157 extracted teeth, 73 of the teeth originated from mates and 84 from females, the age range was 12-79 years. The correlation coefficient of each Gustafson's criteria in relation to age was carried out. Age estimation were performed on 157 teeth according to the method by Gustafson and by use of multiple regression, as used by Johanson, after evaluating the six criteria of Gustafson by multiple regression computer analysis. Two prediction formulas and standard deviations were compared with each other. The results were as follows : 1. The author found that six Gustafson's criteria had strong correlation with age except root resorption, and correlation coefficients were r = 0.79 (Transparent dentin), r=0.72 (Secondary dentin), r 0.69 (Periodontal change), r=0.63(Attrition), r = 0.39 (Root resorption), respecti vely. 2. The age estimation formula by Gustafson's method was calculated as follows: Y 8.88 + 3.52X r =0.87, r2 = 0.76, SD = 8.18, F = 483.56, P < 0.01 The age estimation formula by multiple regression was calculated as follows: Y 8.57 + 6.37T + 6.37T + 4.63P + 2.70S + 2.40C + 3.08A + 1.34R r= 0.89, r2 = 0.78, SD = 7.82, F = 91.62, P < 0.01, Durbin-Watson Coefficient = 1.09 3. In comparison of two estimation formulas, the formula by multiple regression, the method of Johanson, was found to be slightly more reliable than Gustafson's method. Gustafson's method SD = 8.18, Multiple regression (Johanson's method) SD = 7.82 4. It was reaffirmed that Gustafson's six criteria could be a independent variable in multiple regression analysis.