: I. Geographic Variation of Morphometric Characters in Striped Field Mice, Apodemus agrarius coreae Thomas

한국산 설치류의 계통분류학적 연구 1.등줄쥐, Apodemus agrarius coreae Thomas 의 형태적 형질의 지리적 변이

  • Koh, Hung-Sun (Department of Biology, Chungbuk University, Chongju)
  • Published : 1985.01.01


Univariate and multivariate analyses of morphometric characters were performed with samples of striped field mice, Apodemus agrarius coreae Thomas, collected from Mt. Taebaek area, Mt. Wolak area, Mt. Palgong area, and Chongju area. It was confirmed that the samples of A. agrarius coreae were similar with one another to be grouped into a single subspecies. Moreover, clinal variation related with the altitude of localities where samples were collected was revealed in the first axis resulted from discriminant analysis and in the length of tail vertebrae.

태백산, 월악산, 팔공산 및 청주지역에서 채집한 등줄쥐, Apodemus agrarius coreae를 사용하여 형태적 형질의 단변량분석 (univariate analysis)과 다변량분석 (multivariate analysis)을 행하였다. 채집된 표본들은 서로 유사하여 동일아종임이 재입증되었다. 표본이 채집되었던 지역의 고도와 연관된 clinal variation이 discriminant analysis의 제일축(first axis)과 꼬리의 길이(length of tail vertebrae)에서 나타났다.