The Crystal and Molecular Structure of Acetone 4-Benzylthiosemicarbazone

Acetone 4-Benzylthiosemicarbazone의 결정 및 분자구조

  • Park Young Ja (Department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, Sook Myung Women's University) ;
  • Ahn Choong Tai (Department of Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
  • 박영자 (숙명여자대학교 이과대학 화학과) ;
  • 안중태 (한국외국어대학교 문리과학대학 화학과)
  • Published : 1985.04.20


The crystal and molecular structure of acetone 4-benzylthiosemicarbazone, $C_{11}H_{15}N_3S$, has been determined by the single crystal X-ray diffraction methods. The crystals are monoclinic, space group $P2_1/c$ with unit cell dimensions, a = 10.249(7), b = 11.403(9), c = 10.149(7)TEX>${\AA}$, ${\beta}$ = 90.9$(1)^0$ and z = 4. The intensities were collected on an automatic four-circle diffractometer with graphite-monochromated Mo-$K_{\alpha}$ radiation. The structure was solved by direct methods and refined by full matrix least-squares methods. The final R was 0.045 for 1554 observed reflections. S-C(8)-N(2)-N(3)-C(9)-C(10) atoms make a zigzag planar chain. There are no unusual bond lengths and angles. There are two independent hydrogen bonds in the crystal structure. One is N-H${\cdots}$S intermolecular hydrogen bond with the length of 3.555${\AA}$ and makes dimer-like units. The other is N-H${\cdots}$N intramolecular hydrogen bond with the length of 2.568${\AA}$. The structure was compared with those of other thiosemicarbazone derivatives.



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